NAP Ranking – What It Is and Why Uniformity Is Important

Belfast SEO – NAP Ranking – What It Is and Why Uniformity Is Important

loca-seo-northern-irelandAchieving high NAP ranking is paramount to attracting visitors to your website and also makes search engines such as Google find your business. NAP is the acronym for Name, Address and Phone Number (Local Area Code is also being included) and is an important aspect of local SEO. Generally, NAP should be in crawlable format and not an image. The contact details including email address are mostly placed at the header or footer of the webpage.Good NAP should take your website much higher and make your website more visible. Unfortunately, many people don’t get the desired results simply because they overlook the issue of uniformity/consistency.  If you are looking for assistance in local seo and are searching for an SEO belfast provider, we found the guys down at MXA Digital to be very helpful.


What Is NAP Uniformity?

NAP uniformity simply means the format i.e. naming, spelling and spacing of the Name, Address and Phone Number should be consistent all through. The style you use on all your websites or content should remain same as this makes it easy for search engines to find it. A common format is; official name of business, location address, phone contact, and web address.

Let’s assume your business address is Belfast Tree Service Inc., 200 B. Common Street, Belfast , CO BT8 2RT. Listing it later on as Belfast Tree Service Inc., Common Street, 200 B. Denver, CO BT8 2RT, or Belfast Tree Service, 200 B. Common Street, Belfast , +44 02890789456 ,CO BT8 2RT, is wrong and will affect your page /NAP ranking.

MXA Digital

Why Is It Important?

Looking at the above example, Denver comes as after Common Street instead of before and in the last example “Inc.” has been omitted. These may seem like small issues but will affect local SEO. Google looks at the consistency of the name address and phone number when searching for websites. Going back to the above example, the search engine will find it difficult to locate the above business. In fact, it will assume that these are three different businesses. What this means is that it will split the search results thus affecting the page rankings. Maintaining uniformity helps the crawler to easily locate and rank the business.


What Are The Benefits Of NAP Uniformity?

It is important to make certain that the name, address and phone numbers are consistent all the time. This applies to anything that quotes or lists the contact details whether a web page or content. Uniformity makes Google see your website as steady or reliable and will consequently rank it much higher. Some of the benefits of uniformity include:

– Boosting organic rankings

– Increasing website traffic as well as calls to mobile phones and other devices

– Improved visibility particularly local search results on desktops and mobile devices

– Assist customers (both existing and new) easily find your business as well as location

– Makes it easy for Google to verifying business address

– Gathering quality and informative online reviews and opinions.

Any business that seeks to expand its visibility, attract new customers, and rank highly in SERP needs to make certain the name, physical address and phone numbers remain the same and follow the same format. It first starts with identifying all sites that list your contact details and changing the format so as to match the desired NAP. You need to work with other webmasters as well as Google itself so as to make the necessary amendments. Improved NAP ranking plays a vital role in making your website more visible to both search engines and people.

If you are looking for more general seo advice, check out the popular blog MOZ for some interesting articles to get you started.  And always a good place to start when researching anything, check out wiki page here on seo.

Local SEO services – All you need to know

One of the most important aspects of Internet marketing is Search engine Optimization or SEO. Though every business owner is aware of this, not many are able to implement it effectively. After all, it takes years of experience and training in the field to become proficient at it. This is where a dedicated and professional company like ours can help you out. We are an expert local SEO company and can provide the most competent and efficient services.

local-seoAs we are a local SEO firm, we can get you the most effective strategies that will draw customers in neighbouring areas. This knowledge is invaluable in providing SEO services. Ensuring that your business gets listed regularly in search engine results is probably the most important step in creating a strong online presence for your company. This increases your brand value and also helps in generating more traffic to your website. And hence it is absolutely vital to use a productive SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) strategy. Our services are geared to help you make the best use of search engines on the Internet.

Getting your website listed on major search engines requires smart SEO planning. We provide ethical and effective methods that are sure to bring in great results. Our strategies are based on the latest updates and algorithms of the biggest search engines. And we have a personalised unique approach for each client. We also use Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC) in a professional manner to ensure that you website is always found in the top searches. We have gained a reputation as on one the best local SEO organizations. After all, customer satisfaction is our biggest aim.

Here is a look at how we can help your company grow beyond its traditional boundaries:

Local Business Solutions

Using our powerful online business directories, our firm can help you find clients who can take your business to the next level. Your company will be placed in a wide array of business directories to ensure that it gets maximum exposure in all fields. At the same time, our directories are specified according to your company’s area of expertise to ensure that there are no unnecessary hits. Our results in this will convince you about the effectiveness of our methods. There are many testimonials and case studies that you can look into on our Results’ page.

Brand Value

Building your brand is the most important step for the success of any business. This is a concept that we understand perfectly and our SEO methods are tailored to ensure that your brand name gets high visibility in the market. Major search engines also filter their searches according to brand name. After all, Google or Bing doesn’t want a brand that no one has heard of to be in its top results. We can help in building the visibility and credibility of your brand image. This helps in ensuring that your brand name is the most reliable and relevant for those searching in your line of business.

Best Results

we take great pride in providing striking results and glowing testimonials. Our strategies are effective and time tested. Clients have seen a major spurt in online activity after utilizing our services. These are methods that have been perfected by professionals who have worked in this field for many years. Google Adwords and Google Analytics have certified all campaign officials in our company. We accurately track the success rates so you can actually see the difference that is being made with our help.

Design Ideas

Providing the right design and interface for your website is highly essential in ensuring a steady stream of visitors. After all people will only come back to your link if they had a pleasant experience while surfing your site. This is another important aspect where we can help your company perform better.

Use of Plug-ins

We are one of the most sought after local SEO organisations and use the most modern and efficient plug-ins to help you manage your website’s online presence. Unlike other websites that just create meta tags, we actually ensure that you benefit in every way form our services.

Unleash the power of remarketing

Remarketing PPC

ppc remarketing imageRemarketing or retargeting allows online marketers to display advertisements to visitors who’ve previously visited the website while browsing the web. The concept focuses on programmatic purchasing to display advertisements on a wide range of participating websites. Within Google Ad network, a prospective customer who visited a website may see ads of the specific brand on third party websites. Retargeting is a very powerful tool for an online marketer. Here are the most important benefits offered by this exceptional tool.

What is PPC though? – check wiki

Improves Brand Recall

It’s an exceptional tool to remind prospects about your brand. It makes sure prospects don’t skip the idea of choosing your brand to make a purchase. In addition to this, retargeting display advertisements can even recall a message viewed on a brand’s website to display reminder advertisements throughout the internet.

Improves Conversion Rates

Retargeting or remarketing helps drive a lot of visitors involved in a standard conversion process into the sales funnel. For instance, an ecommerce website can easily tag visitors who have progressed to the next step in the checkout process and display retargeted advertisements to bring them back. An excellent approach is to target leads who have already filled forms or downloaded content from the brand. In this cases, retargeting proves to be beneficial for both offline and online channels.

Audience Targeting

If you’re able to target a particular audience with a specific message, it proves to be very powerful. Online marketers can use retargeted advertisements to communicate with a particular audience through text ads or display ads. For instance, a retargeting tag can be easily installed for visitors who conduct specific actions on the website.

Improves Relevancy of Ads

The primary reason remarketing works well is that it provides marketers with the ability to deliver advertisements based on previous actions. For instance, in case a visitor lands on a particular product page, the remarketing advertisement of the product can be displayed on the Internet to the prospective customer. Similarly, the brand can also use behavior segmentation to send across a message to the visitor. This message can be displayed on the visitor’s screen instead of a non-specific or generic message. This allows the brand to appeal to the specific interests of the visitor.

Reduces Loss

One of the best features about remarketing is that it allows companies to re-engage website visitors that don’t come back on the website. Brand engagement and brand recall are considered to be sub-facets of this concept. Retargeting provides a brand with a second change to make sure customers are once again interested in the products and services.

When combined with standard ads, social referrals and SEO, remarketing proves to be a secondary line of attraction regarding a brand. Reduction of losses proves to be powerful. It not only prevents loss of good leads, but also makes sure people who’ve previously visited the website keep coming back.

Overall, remarketing allows you to generate some good leads and increases conversion rates. Within a short period of time, you notice excellent results without spending a huge amount of money on marketing. You just need a professional company to manage the task.